Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018


Criteria for publications

We heartily accept your general articles, review articles, research articles, activities reports, book reviews and recent national as well as global news. The news and the articles should contain following features:

News: The news should be truthful, from reliable sources and should be crystal clear. The volume of the news should not be exceeding 1000 words and should cover important scientific events or any other news of interest to scientists, in general.

General articles: About the general issue of science like science policy, science administration as well as applications and impacts on society and nature. The articles may contain an abstract, introductory paragraph, illustrations (understandable by general reader), and references. The articles should not be exceeding 4000 words and also should contain 6 display items (tables and figures).

Review articles: They should be well focused, properly organized and should avoid a general ‘textbook’ style. The review should not exceeding 6000 words, cited references to be limited to about 100 in number.

Research articles: They should include an abstract, an introductory paragraph, and brief subheads. The research article should not exceed 4000 words.

Activities reports: The report should highlight the technical contents of a conference, symposium, discussion-meeting, etc. The report should convey important advances of the events to readers. Reports must avoid simply listing brief accounts of the topics discussed. The report should not exceed than 1500 words.

Meeting reports: The report should deal with highlights/technical contents of a conference/ symposium/discussion-meeting, etc., conveying to readers the significance of important advances. Reports must avoid merely listing brief accounts of topics discussed. The volume should not exceed 1500 words.

Opinion articles: It presents views on issues related to science and scientific activity. The article should not be more than 1000 words.

Book reviews: Although Book Reviews are generally solicited /commissioned, unsolicited reviews will also be considered. Reviews must not be simply ‘list’ of brief descriptions of the contents of the book. The review should not be exceeding 1500 words.