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About science reader

About science reader online publication


The Science Reader is an initiative of young and dynamic youths dedicated to explore the world of science through communication and to promote active participation of the youths in the development of country through science, technology and innovation. It is a nonprofit organization, registered under Kathmandu District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal.  We have faith on our youth, love to our country and we strongly believe that these youths can act as vehicle for social transformation through technological innovations.

Nepal is undoubtedly rich in terms of diversity in culture, nature (flora and fauna), and traditions. Nepal, one of the oldest nations in the world, has glorious history of philosophy, scientific and spiritual advancement and literature. Our nation is blessed with highly industrious yet calm, brave yet peaceful people. Our people also stand among the 100 richest people of the world and have highly impressed the international arena by their innovative ideas in science and technology working abroad. Unfortunately, we are not still able to trigger the development of our country as the political instability being one of the major causes.

Over the last few decades, the countries such as China, India, Korea etc. have demonstrated a great leap in the technological advancements and have made significant progress in uplifting the every aspect of society. We can easily infer that science, technology and innovations have been the vehicles for those amazingly encouraging developments. We must admit that, we have been able to do too little in science and technology, primarily due to lack of vision, effective missions in the past. However, we don’t have to be pessimistic as there are a lot of opportunities. The main objective of this online journal is to explore those opportunities and to promote the participation of the Nepalese scientific community in the country as well as abroad, in creating the environment for exploring and utilizing those opportunities. Let us work together to find answers to these questions:

  • Can we create environment for scientific innovations in our country? What is the role of each of us in this endeavor?
  • How can we make our government invest more time, money and dedications in the field of science and technology? How can we make our country a planet of innovations?
  • How can we bring our graduates, trained abroad, back to our country and utilize their knowledge for national developments?
  • How can we make science and technology, a dynamic means for national progress and prosperity? How can we attract the policy makers and government institutions in this endeavor?

In overall, our goal is better Science Communication within the Scientific Community and also outside the scientific community, especially with the Public and the Policymakers.

Our mission is to merge the efforts of experts from different scientific disciplines including researchers, innovators, industrialists and educators in national developments, beginning with dialogues, awareness and facilitating collaborations among us. Thus, we have initiated this online publication to meet the motto “Science for Everybody; Science for National Development”. Our purpose is to bring together a diverse and expanding group of researchers, industrialists, scientific writers, artists, programmers, and educators, who may online-communicate Science for meaningful objectives on relevant issues. We, sincerely, hope that this Online Journal will be a good platform for communications and discussions about important issues that concern with Science and Scientific Activities. We warmly welcome any constructive criticism and comments.

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